Friday, August 14, 2009

The Seumas Dog

I haven't posted many pictures of Seumas lately...mainly because Blue's pure evil demands a lot of attention. But Seumas is a sweet sweet puppy. A little demanding at times, but overall, a good person...ahem, dog. It's taken about two years, but he and Blue have become good buddies. She keeps him in his place and he loves to run and head-butt her, which she just adores, as you can guess. Here's some pictures from this summer. 

This is his summer "outfit." I think he looks like a greasy Miami mobster with loads of chest hair. All he needs now is a big gold chain and cigar. It's amazing how much joy spending $.25 at Target can bring you. 

This is his preferred method of napping. 

This is where he goes when he's in trouble. He starts out on the carpet and slinks and slides his way under the bed. It's pitiful.
"But, I didn't know you wanted the rest of your key lime pie. You don't look like you need it anyway...I was just trying to help, Mom." 

They've gotten to where they can finally lay down together.

The bonds of friendship span the galaxy and break down down the barriers of species. (I did not put their paws like's amazing this happened on its own.) 

In the end, Blue's malevolence always wins. Tragically, another innocent life claimed by malice and hatred of all things good.

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