Monday, November 2, 2009

Hallerween Awesomeness

This weekend was busy, but supertastic. Great times all around. My mom came up Saturday afternoon. I have a doctor's appointment today (at 8am, so that's where I probably am right now) and the dadblasted glucose testing to make sure I ain't got the diabetus (as Wilford Brimley would say). But, I'm still looking forward to the appointment because it's ultrasound time! Sooo very excited to see how big the girls are...they have to be at LEAST toddler size, because I am roughly the dimensions of a medium oil tanker. Anyways...this is the first ultrasound Mom's gotten to see in person, so I'm very happy to have her here.

Friday evening and Saturday morning, David and I finished our goodies for the Halloween party Saturday night...which was thrown by Malinda and Zack and was perfectly fabulous!

David made a delectable 13-layer (really 11 layers) chocolate cake that I helped ice and decorate. Look at this...LOOK AT IT! delicious.

I love love love caramel apples...and chocolate never, we made some chocolate covered caramel apple wedges.

These were the "special" apples.

Here is the party spread...isn't this adorable? Props to Linders for her amazing decorating skills. I ate WAY too much. The gals didn't mind, but I was hurtin afterwards. Totally worth it. And just in time for my sugar test.

At le party...Princess Leia (Story) graced us with her presence.

Clint Eastwood (Taylor) and Lobster (Holland) were also there.

Creepy fat guy and Samwise Gamgee made an appearance.

Sara came as a girl from the wrong side of the streets. My mom was a witch doctor. I came as myself.

Ben was a ninja warrior...or Rice Patty Neehow.

Sweet punkin Davey Pooh.

Chris = Francis from the Xbox game Left 4 Dead.

Reid lets us know what he thought of the party.

Zombie Jackie O was hungry and took the opportunity to snack on whatever.

Heeeeeeey, kids! Come on over and sit on Uncle Buford's lap. (Chill chill, it was IBC root beer...only the best root beer ever.) I also took this opportunity to see just how much neck fat I could squish out.

Eric's handiwork...looks like a movie poster, huh.

The gals.

The guys.

The Zombie Kennedy's (and super duper hosts) and the Great White Tallula.

Everyone needs a chocolate moustache.

(The really cool pictures were stolen from Malinda's Facebook page and I didn't take any of them.)

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