Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy Busy Weekend

Gracious alive...this was a crazy weekend. And when I look back, I realize I didn't do THAT much, but gosh, I get tired easily, so it was busy for me. Friday night, David and I went to run "one" errand at the Wal-Marks and ended up staying out for about 4 hours. I had to stop by Old Navy to get a sweater that fit. I was all gung-ho about not having to buy winter maternity clothes because, surely, all of my sweaters would fit. Yeah, they fit in every place but the belly. Sad. I needed SOMEthing to wear until these kids show up. So, from here on out, if you see me in the same white sweater...that's my new fat sweater I got on Friday. On saaaaale, whoop whoop. Oh, Old Navy has their micro-fleece scarves, hats and gloves on sale for $2 apiece. Go get you some! Anyways. That little excursion took awhile and then our one errand at Wal-Mart turned into a two hour ordeal. Did you know that nobody at Wal-Mart knows where anything is?
"Hi, can you tell me where the fireplace tools are?"
"Fireplace? A place for fire?"
" your house."
"I don't know. Check in the Outdoors section."
"Hi, can you tell me where the fireplace tools are?"
"Uhm...I dunno. Maybe electronics."
"Uh yeah...okay...thanks."

Oh well. Anyways...later that night, our buddy Joseph came to stay the weekend with us. Saturday morning, I started on the immensely huge amount of laundry I had to do for the girls. It took literally a year to cut off all of the tags and sort them into piles. Also, did not know that you're supposed to wash their clothes in a special type of detergent. I mean, you don't have to, but since their skin is sensitive, it lessens the chance of them getting a rash or whatever. So, of course the recommended detergent is Dreft. Well, Dreft costs about $26 for like, 2 loads. I said...nope. I researched and called some folks...apparently, you can use whatever as long as it has no fragrance, dyes, etc. Even Dreft has a baby powder fragrance, I think. Who knew. So, I found that All Free & Clear had the best reviews, so I got that. (Please excuse my awesome fingernails...I have a tendency to paint them and then pick at it.)

Unfortunately, I was only able to finish the bedding, sheets, crib stuff and their dark clothes. Even just that wore me slap out. I had to stop anyway to make some Turkey Crackers for my girls' night out party with my buddies Ashley, Audry, Kelly and Glenda (the good witch...who, interestingly enough looks JUST LIKE like Kristen Chenowith). They're soooo cute...and quite yummy. We would make them every Thanksgiving growing up. You're supposed to eat the whole thing at once, like sushi. They're great for kids to make (or childish adults). Here's how you do it.

You'll need some Ritz crackers, Hershey's kisses (silver bells), cream cheese icing, and candy corn. And a knife.
Get yourself a Ritzy cracker in hand.
Slather on some cream cheesiness icing.
Plop a silver bell at the bottom end.
Slap on five candy corns above the silver bell.
Put a little extra icing on the front of the kiss and put another candy corn on for the beak.
Put it on the plate to admire your handiwork.
What the what?? It's gone! must have eaten it.
Look how cute and festive they are.

On Saturday night, I had the fabulous get-together with my four gal pals. Turns out, it was a surprise shower for the twins! Yay!!! It was SO much fun! These girls are amazing and I love them to death. We had delectable eats...I ate way too much, as usual...opened gifts... I have GOT to show y'all what they got the girls. Pictures coming. Oh, so sweet...and then we watched Baby Mama. Tee hee! Such a good time. Man, I don't know how I ended up with such amazing friends, but I sure am grateful.

On Sunday afternoon, I started on the girls' white/light clothing...twice as many as the dark clothes. Here are just a few. I couldn't get the whole closet in the goes back a little further to the left...filled with cutie patootie outfits for the gals.
And all of their bath linens, blankets, swaddling stuff...ahh, can't wait to bathe these naked little boogers!
Sunday night, we had our monthly Supper Club over at Erin's house...Thanksgiving themed, of course. And AMAZING. Once again, ate too much. But, it was totally worth it. Sooooooo goooood...I about fell asleep. (Probably that tryptophan in the turkey, right Jacob?) I think Malinda, Brandi and a few others took pictures of the spread, but alas, I did not. So, just imagine the most beautiful Thanksgiving feast...that's what we had. When I got home...look what I found my sweet Hugsy doing for me...he was finishing cutting off tags and sorting the girls' laundry for me.
Such a sweetie pie.
Whew...busy, but great weekend.

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  1. Yep, All Free & Clear is great for sensitive skin. A dermatologist recommended it to Stephen.


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