Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I'm thankful for...

- my sweet husband and his sessy self
- my family
- my friends
- turkeys (actual turkeys...not my friends)
- free shipping at Amazon
- the fact that I'm almost done cooking these two kids
- a cheap alternative to Dreft detergent
- my job
- the amazing weather right now
- Target...just Target in general really
- those jeans Mom got me from Motherhood Maternity
- the concept of mailboxes...I mean, mail...delivered...right to your house
- Publix lemonade
- sherbet...any flavor
- baby hiccups
- God's provision
- sweet potatoes...NOT sweet potato fries...but sweet potatoes mixed with butter, sugar and pecans
- my Mom's incredible ability to send and receive pictures via text
- Seumas and Blue (weeeeeell...most days)
- hot chocolate
- NOT having gestational diabetes
- the fact that Lost is almost back!
- vanilla extract
- little baby heartbeats
- make-up (mainly just concealer, really)
- knowing that a dream you had where your identical twin daughters were kidnapped whilst at a Steven Curtis Chapman concert by this lady dressed in black was just a dream and didn't actually happen
- you guys!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! And remember, as with most holidays, calories don't count tomorrow, so EAT UP!


I like your comments.
Mom, keep it clean.
Have a fabtastic day!