Monday, November 16, 2009


Merndays are lame.

So...this weekend, our precious friends Billy and Beth and my sweet little McNugs (Carter...their son) came to visit us! We had such a good time. We don't get to visit with them nearly enough. :( I can't believe Carter has grown up so fast. He's almost 8 months old...and he's basically walking and talking and going off to college. I hate it. Ah, but you have to let them grow's not like they're bonsai trees.

Saturday night, we had a FABULOUS shower, given to us by our amazing friends (remember those friends I always tell you about...the best in the world? Yeah, them.) It was a co-ed shower, so the boys came, too. Yay! My whole family came (sans Peter :(...he had to work. We missed him being there. Love you, Uncle Pete!). Noah even drove 5 hours from college...what a sweetie pie. It was sooooo much stinking fun. Everything was wonderful...the food, the decorations, the fellowship, everything. I didn't take a single picture, so I'm going to have to steal them all from Sara, Dad and Brandi. I did find a few on Facebook from Sara and Dad, but I'll post the rest later.

It is absolutely amazing and so humbling how much these two chillins are loved already...and they're not even here yet. I am so grateful for our friends and for our family. I love you guys.

Ruth, why you smugglin' out watermelons?
Hey hey, I dunno!
The hostesses...(back row L to R)...Liza, Erin, Senia, Cara, Eliza(beth)
(front L to R)...Malinda, Sara, moi, Brandi, Tris. You guys are simply amazing.
Ahhhh...look at the hats Senia knitted for the girls! They're little pears!!!! So cute. Senia, you are so talented...gosh, you blow me away. She didn't even use a pattern. She just did it. Makes me sick...I barely even iron stuff. I'll show you a close-up of the invitation later. But those little pear hats go right along with it. I'm bringing the girls home in these little pear heads.
So, I'll show you the rest of the pictures later. These gals wracked up...I'm telling you. So many wonderful things. We are definitely very very very blessed.

So...yesterday, I'm fixing my hair and I hear this tick tick tick...sounds like a clock. I ignore it, because I'm crazy and I realize it's probably in my head. But, no...there it goes again...tick tick tick. I look around. There's no clock. We don't have a clock in the bathroom. It's kind of weird when you hear the ticking and you can't find a clock. I kind of had a Captain Hook moment for a second. I never figured out where it was coming from. Oh well. Weird.

We have an appointment and another ultrasound today. Woot woot! I can't wait to see the gals again.

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