Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Le Twins

On Monday, we had a doctor's appointment with ultrasound. Woot! Normally, I wouldn't have had an ultrasound then, but the last time we checked, the girls' fluid was a teeny tiny high and they just wanted to check up on it. And, it had gone down and was perfectly normal. Nurse said, "Their fluid levels will change's totally just depends on how much they drink and pee out." I'm like..."Nice." Since it was just a fluid check, she didn't do a growth measurement, so I'm not sure how much they weigh. I'm gonna guess about 15.2 pounds and 15.3 pounds. They are all sorts of squished in there. But, we could see both of their was striking a fierce pose with her hand in her hair. It was awesome.

We met with Dr. Mac and he said I'm now measuring full term plus some change. He said my weight gain was excellent. What's that now? Whoop whoop! That's what I thought. He said my blood levels were looking fantastic...I said, "Thank you...I make it daily." The girls are apparently doing super super, in fact, that Dr. Mac sat and thought about it for a second and decided to let us go home for Thanksgiving! YAY! I was SO extremely excited to hear that. Now, we'll get to see my entire family AND David's family! Turkey turkey, here I come. And sweet potato soufflé...equal parts sweet potato and butter...hey, "excellent weight gain" remember? I can get a little crazy for one day.

We also discussed C-section versus the other. He said that if the girls hadn't turned to good positions by mid-December, we would schedule a C-section in January sometime. (Which, I thought was nice because then I could know the date). I joked about David wanting them to be born late December for the tax deductions and Dr. Mac looked at the calendar and said, "Ha...I think you'll make it a lot longer than December. I'm thinking the end of the first week in January or beginning of the second week." And I didn't say this, but I was like, "December 31 and the end of first week in January are 7 days apart...." You know boys and their time telling. So, I'm STILL thinking December 31. But, we'll see what God has planned.

As for their positions...these kiddos have traveled far and wide to get where they are right now and he said they could still move even more. Here is an anatomically accurate sketch depicting their current positions.
Also, it's 62 degrees in the house and I'm about to die of heat exhaustion.


  1. too cute. I love reading your posts. They always crack me up!

  2. BAAAAhahahaha!!! This is one of my fave posts yet. Ya know how in yearbooks they always have the baby pictures of the seniors? That drawing needs to be the one that goes with that.


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