Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Few More Ridiculous Baby Products

Peter Potty Urinal Trainer:
So...for all of you having/who have a little you go. Just set it up in the living room, hallway or kitchen. Wherever is most convenient and non-obtrusive.

Potty Song CD:
You can personalize this CD to say your kid's name when he/she goes potty. Simply fabulous. OR, you could save a bunch of money and bribe them with chocolate. Worked for me.

Poop Scoop Bags:
These biodegradable bags allow you to skip over the hassle of diapers and collect your child' this nifty little green sack. Only catch is...yeah, they just go where they go and you wait for it. Hmmm...I have over 2,000 diapers in boxes in the garage...I plan on using every single one.
Pee Pee Bottles:
I get the point of this one...if they're already potty trained, but don't have a place to go, this is here for those long car-rides, hiking trips, long lines in the mall...I dunno. But, my thing is, why did they design this to look unusually like a regular drinking bottle. I just feel like there are way too many sip accidents waiting to happen with this one.

Snot Sucker:
NO! Stop it! Make it go away! Aggh...whatever happened to the blue, yellow, or green bulb things that you squeezed to suck out snot? Why this? says there's a filter, but yeah, I'm not chancing that.

Baby Leggings:
Now, these are cute. But, I feel like we should teach them at an early age that pants are widely accepted nowadays.

Baby High Heels:'s a little creepy. A lot creepy. Poor thing...she's going to have back problems before she's 3.


  1. I swore if I was having another boy, I would install a urinal. I'm outnumbered over here. It hasn't happened yet, but we'll see how motivated I get when the gremlin is potty trained.

  2. Um, the nose sucker completely GROSSES me out and makes me want to gag. Sick Sick. Hahaha. Love this post.


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