Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thoughts for a Thursday

I was just reading on Fox News about this 12-year old girl that sneezes up to 12,000 times a day. No joke. She caught a cold a few weeks ago and hasn't stopped sneezing since. She's been to several doctors and nobody can figure it out. Fewer than 40 cases of something like this have ever been reported. Some doctors are saying it's a neuro something something and may never be cured. I'm like...this is a case for House, M.D. Or maybe Dr. McDreamy. As soon as I finished reading it, I sneezed. I was like, oh my gosh oh my gosh...I've caught it. So, DON'T READ THE ARTICLE. It could be cyber-contagious.

My sister got us one of our car seats for the girls earlier this week. She's the best sister ever. Thanks again, SFW! It's soooooo adorable. And orange...ernge. It's super cute. This one will be Piper Lee's seat.
Because Harper's is a grassharper (Audry came up with that. Tee hee!)
But let me tell you...did y'all know that you needed a doctorate in psychicneuroscience to figure these things out? Car seats are tough! I was messing with it...I was going to put a stuffed teddy bear in it just to figure out all of the gadgets and, somehow, I ended up being strapped in the seat with my arms twisted every which way and I was upside down. I downloaded a was 28 pages long. That's more pages than my computer manual has. But either way, they're pretty seats (and very safe), so I'm happy.

I don't care if they were written in the 80's or yesterday, Steven Curtis Chapman songs never get old to me. He's my fave.

My man voice is getting worse. I have bypassed tenor and am now a baritone. It's awful. When I answer the phone, I say, "Heeeee---" And then it trails off into oblivion. Sigh.

I have had the overwhelming urge to wrap Christmas presents lately. Not necessarily even decorate for Christmas, but just wrap presents. It's eating me alive. I did go ahead and order the girls' stockings, though. David and I have Christmas with the Krinkles stockings and they're super cute and creepy (with the curly toes), so I got some for the girls that go with them. I don't know if we'll need them this year or not, but I have them ready just in case.

I'm starting my 29th week today. My little book says the baby will weigh about 2.5 pounds by now. Yeah, these critters are waaaaay past that. And they're taller, too. Which is weird. Because David and I are both munchkins. Tall genes run in my family, though. I just got the short straw. Ha ha...I made a funny.


  1. that was so on rick and bubba this morning. speedy had found a machine gun sound effect to play with the poor girl sneezing...

  2. I really like your car seats! Very hip!


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