Monday, November 9, 2009

Marriage Retreat in the Mountains

Well, it wasn't so much in the mountains as near the mountains...the foothills. But, it was close enough. And it was gaw-geous! Our hometown church goes every year to either the beach or mountains and has a weekend-long marriage retreat. We absolutely love it. The people are fabulous and it's just a great weekend to relax, fellowship, learn, eat, nap, play games, whatever. It's all good. On Saturday, after lunch, it's do whatever you want until our steak (delicious) dinner that night. Usually, we go hiking with the parental units, but no hiking for me this year. (I totally could have done it, but Mom was like, "no no no.") So, David and I stayed on the campus and had our own little day.

First, we hijacked a golf cart and led the police on a wild goose chase. Except, the Reynolds actually let us borrow their golf cart and there were no police involved.
Then, we went for a hike around the lake. Here is David enjoying his favorite past-time.
This is me enjoying mine.
This is our attempt at being cute and maternity-ish...but it came across as kind of..."The Legend of the Creepy Hands...In Black and White...a Saga of Untold Horrors"
Mrs. Roz gave me these adorable coins that I can keep with me to always remember to pray for those sweet little squatters.
I picked up a few acorns to throw at David.
This is him huffing and puffing and coming back to get me because I hit him a couple of times. Tee heee...
It took about 829 shots to get this one...I can't smile like I used to. My cheeks get in the way. Sigh.
We saw this ginormous alligator (fish) swimming towards us. He was as big as a car (child).
This is me doing my "waddle".
Scouting for...stuff.
Arrrrgggh...I spot a ship...OH...that reminds me. We totally saw a HUGE snake! Alive. He was big...he was on the trail right in front of us, but slithered into the lake right as we walked up. I couldn't get my camera on fast enough. He could have swallowed us whole, he was so big.
Don't know what it is, but it's cool.
We played a little putt-putt.
It's hard when your belly is in the way.
We both got a hole in one on this one. I got it first and David copied my swing.
I hear this whoosh whoosh and I turn around and say, "What are you doing?" And Hugs goes, "I'm swinging my club really fast because it makes a cool noise." ................boys.
I tried to go through the center...twice...didn't work. So, I went around and got it in on the first try. So, technically a hole in one, but I had to count it as three because the other two times, my ball hit a brick and bounced out.
So, David goes down the middle and gets it.
Angry golfer faces. Oh, David won, by the way. By four points. He kept rubbing it in and so I finally said, "Well, sad that you only won by four points against a girl who has a huge obstacle in her swing path." That hushed him.
We drove the golf cart around some more and went to check out the paintball course. This poor fellow had been long doubt having experienced the merciless scourge of wrathful paintballers throughout the ages.
Getting ready for some steeeeeak.
Playing the Phase 10 dice game. See the lady sitting to David's other side...that's Amy. DO NOT play games with her...she will always win.
We played the Newlywed Game. David and I tied for second. If only I had gotten the smoothie question right.

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