Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Here are some pic-a-tures from the fabulous shower on Saturday!
I'd like to apologize in advance for my double-chin. In. every. picture.

Tiffany made me this SHMADORABLE corsage bracelet...and David a matching boutonniere. Oh my gosh, they are so cute. I'm saving them forever. They had little pear jewels and precious little flowers on them. She is so talented. Tiffany is a florist...well, florist isn't the right word for her. That makes her sound like a little old lady working in this little tiny hut making flower arrangements. Tiffany is a Magic Flower Person. It is AMAZING what she can do. She creates the most stunning arrangements, bracelets, headbands, anything you want. You should see her weddings. She needs to be on TV. She needs to come and decorate my house.

Here are those sweet pea invitations and hats. Brandi designed the invitations. It says..."Join us Saturday, November 14th at 6:00 p.m. to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Piper Lee and Harper...David and Ruth's perfect pair." See the litte pears hanging from the tree? Tee hee! Get it...pair...pear...so cute!!

Mom eating Tris' bruschetta...oooh so good.

Carter's thinking..."I'm not so sure about these festivities."

Malinda's heavenly macarons. Crying is inevitable when you eat them. She made original, chocolate and mint...all three are divine.

So pretty!

Delicious cupcakes from Senia and Erin. Reid's thinking..."Hey, wait a second...I'm sitting here eating pureed carrots and there are two types of cupcakes up there. This isn't working for me."

Me want cupcakes!

Yay! Friends and food...can't get much better than this.

Me and the Liza gal.

We have no idea what we're in for.

Yay for little brothers! Little only in age...obviously, he's taller than me.

Holland is not pleased with the situation.

No idea.

We played a game where Erin (with remote) played a song and whichever team (guys vs. girls) got the song title and artist right first, won.

Mom and Dad knew all the oldies.

Mom spent the entire night trying to get a hug from Shea.

Shea stayed a safe distance...good thinking, Shea Bug.

Playing the baby song game.

I was, of course, protesting something.

Heck yes, the girls got the answer right.

Boys thinking....thinking....but it wasn't enough. The girls won!

S'mores Bar outside. Woot woot! Malinda can roast a mean marshmallow...delicious!

Fun times with buddies.

So purty.

Noah's 50% vampire. And 100% weird.

The sistah and the Boogs.

Me and the Brandar (sans eye patch).

No words...

Such sweet things for the twins!

How about this is an Edwin face.

Tris' sugared pears...so pretty! Shea didn't believe me that it was sugar on them, so I said, "Well, lick it." No worries...she took that one with her to eat.

Shea thought I looked better with a bow.

Me and the parental units.

The hostesses! And the most fab gals in the world.

This would be Zack.

I wish I had taken pictures of all of the awesome stuff the girls got, but here are a few things...

Jenny made these...how sweet! I know exactly where I'm hanging them, too!

This was from my Mom...I'm not going to explain it...but if you've seen Baby Mama, you'd understand.

Mom also got the girls their first set of nail polish.

Mom and Dad got them these precious turquoise bracelets when they went out West...handmade by a Native American woman in New Mexico.

Look how tiny!

Pear heads!! I can't get enough of these.

Erin and Ben got them little Baby Legs!! Oh my word, I can't wait to put these on them.

Look what Megan made for them. Little pear onesies...ahh, sigh....

Through God's provision and our flipping awesome friends and family, these two gals have gotten everything they need. Such a blessing. I can't even express how thankful I am. It's very humbling. Now, I just have to put the final touches on the nursery and wait for the munchkins.

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