Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What Does It Mean?

So, of course, lately (all my life) I've Googled a lot of "what does it mean" phrases. Stuff like...what does it mean when you squirt grapefruit in your eyes and can't see for awhile? Or, what does it mean when a neighbor cremates their dog, sets up a shrine to it and insists on showing people the pot of ashes and refers to that pot as the dog? Or, what does it mean when the doctor tells you, "You're a cyborg."

Lately, it's been mostly having to do with the babies. I just worry about them all the time and want to make sure they're nice and comfy in there. The girls get hiccups...a lot. I've read that one baby can get hiccups up to 8 times a day. So, times two...that's a lot. I got nervous because I'm like, "Gosh, these kids are hiccuping fools." So, I Googled, "What does it mean when your baby has hiccups in utero?" Well, apparently, it's really normal and a good thing. It's helping to develop their lungs and strengthen the diaphragm...means they'll be good breathers. So, that's great news. I also read that it means they'll be super smart because hiccuping is associated with the nervous system and brain development (the super smart part is totally an old wives' tale, btw.)

I also Googled, "What does it mean when your baby kicks all the live long day in utero?" The answer..."You're screwed." Apparently, in your third trimester, you can start detecting bio-patterns (that's a cool word) and can determine kind of how they'll be outside in the real world. So...yeah, I'm screwed.

Basically, we're having two identical incredibly hyper geniuses...according to Google. And everything on the internet is true, right?

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  1. well, i always wished one of you on yourself but i NEVER wished two of you on yourself. obviously God thinks you deserve two of yourself and i try to never argue with God:)


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