Monday, August 2, 2010


So, by "posting stories and pictures Monday," I actually meant "Tuesday." But this is a quick rundown.

Instead of beaching it in Florida, we actually discovered there is a new beach colony on the surface of the sun, so we went there instead. Despite the vast amount of food I ate, I actually weigh less now than when we went because half of my body melted away. It was ridonk.

We had a good time with David's family and his mom brought this super fun game that I'll have to tell y'all about.

I have perfectly amazing children, who, even with all the mess we put them through, were angels the entire time and on the drive home. God, thank you for these kiddos.

Richard got really sunburnt.

I'll post pictures tomorrow. But I do have a bit of AWESOME news for you.........

So, you remember Brandi and Shane...our fabulous friends who recently adopted Sasha and Marina from Ukraine. Yeah? Well, they're HAVING A BABY!!!!! YAY!! Oh my gosh, I can hardly stand it. The whole time in Ukraine, she said she was feeling tired and nauseated...attributed it to the water and weird food they ate and jet lag. They got back and still didn't feel much better. So, she took a test...and five more. And went to the doctor. She is three months preggo!! The whole family is thrilled. They said it was a bit of a shock at first, obviously, but they're sooo excited. And we're so excited for them. I know Sasha and Marina can't wait to meet their little baby bro or sis.

Here's a snap shot of Li'l Bit. Brandi, I hope you don't mind I'm putting a picture of your innards up here. You look great!


  1. I took 6 pregnancy tests with Emmy so tell Brandi it's completely normal!

  2. WOW! Congrats to Brandi and Shane! I think I need to see those perfect little babies :)


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