Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Before the twins were born, I read about this and that toy and how, if you buy it for your child, they'll grow up to be the smartest and most popular kid around. Ha. As we all know, that's not true. But still, being a new parent, you get sucked into the I HAVE TO HAVE THIS FOR MY BABY BECAUSE THAT BOOK TOLD ME SO mindset. I'm going to go ahead and say that about 90% of what you read won't ever apply to you. Some parts that applied to me won't apply to you and vice versa. The whole "no two babies are alike" deal. Of course, toy companies want you to buy their products...claiming they'll make your kids smarter or cuter or something.

I bought tons of stuff just because I wanted my kids to have the most fun toys around, so I would be the coolest mom ever. Yeah, they don't care. And the truth is, babies will play with anything. Mine absolutely LOVE anything that lights up. Jamee recommended one of those ring stacker toys, but a new version that lights up. You would have thought I brought the Eiffel Tower home with me. They also play with, for hours, those little individual rings that you hook toys to and hang from places. The RINGS...not even a real toy. They'll play with a diaper for forever. They are obsessed with jewelry and glasses (like, on your face glasses...not shot glasses). We always say they're ferrets and they're collecting jewelry and building a nest in one of their cribs. I'm serious.

And while we do have a ton of toys for them, I realize now that I don't have to keep buying age-appropriate toys...haha, I almost typed "boys"...yeah, no age-appropriate boys in the house. So, while I will continue to add to their repertoire over time, I'm not going to spend $34.99 on every single thing the latest baby update tells me I "need" to buy for a 7 month old. And especially when they're so content with the plastic toilet paper roll bag.

(Disclaimer: I never leave them unattended with plastic bags...or hyenas.......Mom.)


  1. that is so funny! Lilli's at the age right now that she likes everything EXCEPT all of her toys. Especially things she's not suppose to have like tv remotes, knives, etc. Just wait til you have TWO in that stage!

  2. oh my freaking gosh... your children are freaks.


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