Monday, August 23, 2010


I've got my Wacom pen back! (Thanks, Hugsy Bear!) But no post today... :( Sors. can't abbreviate "sorry" like you can "awesome" (awes) because it sounds like you're saying SARS and you know how that causes a panic.

So, here are some pictures we just took for you. Pipes' bib isn't fact, it's quite clean. But that's how stained it is. I just ordered about 20 new ones that haven't come in yet, so we're stuck with the Skoal stains for now.

Have a great Monday!

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  1. This is the bib we used for my son and it is the only one we ever used with him once he was eating solids. It was awesome and we took it everywhere. It was so easy to clean and it caught all the food and water that would drop. He could even reach in and pick up the pieces of food and eat them. We'll be using it with my daughter too. You can look around online to see if therea re any better prices. Great investment though! One note of caution though-make sure to pull the place where you connect it away from their necks while doing so because it is possible to pinch their skin in their if you aren't paying attention. It makes for a very sad baby and parent.


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