Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Future Beethovens?

Does anybody else think it's way more fun to say Beeth Oven rather than Bay Toven? Spell it phonetically, man.

Mom got them this sit and play piano for when the twins visit and they LOVE it. And they're not super fond of sharing it. Harper, however, is very fond of ears.

I know you're all wondering why I didn't go into cinematography for a career, but I didn't want to dominate the industry with my skillz. It wouldn't be fair to the others.

Also, don't worry about the spots on Piper Lee's back and neck. She was getting some tattoos and backed out at the last minute. (She had been laying on top of a toy and it's showing up redder than it actually was.) And no, I don't let her roam around naked all the time. She had just spit up.

Here is a little Twinzers love for your Thursday (or Wednesday night...whenever).

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  1. I love the sweet caressing(sp?) Harper was doing. Made laugh out loud. So sweet.


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