Friday, August 6, 2010

Dream Job

I know you've been asked or played a game and the question was, "What is your dream job?" Even though I really do have my dream job...I get to be all designery and work from home and be with my kids all day. I really do enjoy the work I do and I love the people I do the work for...they're pretty. (Really I just sit around and youtube and spy on the neighbors and nap and, if someone requests something, I have my minions do the work for me...ha...if only I had minions.) I used the word "really" too much just then.

But that's a given. I know a lot of people love their jobs. I know a lot of people are only semi-okay with their jobs. But whether you love your real job or not, everybody has a dream job.

I'm talking about your ULTIMATE dream job.

For dad. He is a doctor. But his ultimate dream job would be to be an architect, like Frank Lloyd Wright. Dad's a very good drawer. He's a mean Pictionarian. And he's an amazing mathematician. And he's very creative. He designed my parents' house...a log cabin. (But he's also an excellent doctor. And he will pierce your ears for free.)

I asked David what his dream job was and he said, "I'm an accountant. I don't dream." So, I made one up for him. He would love to be a chef or confectioner...ooooh, or a chocolatier. When I told him that was his dream job, he got really excited, so yes...that is his dream job.

Noah, Sara, and Peter's dreams jobs are to be me one day.

It took me awhile to decide what mine was. I went through several and I narrowed it down to these four...make-up artist for movies, the reefkeeper on that private island in Australia (the person that all they do all day is keep an eye on that part of the reef and report climate conditions and test the water for pollutants and basically swim and sun all day), a travel critic (like Samantha Brown), or a personal shopper/decorator.

It was a tough decision. It came down between the make-up artist and the reefkeeper and then I decided that I would miss the Fall and I would miss America, so I picked the make-up artist. My ultimate dream job. Although, I would never trade what I have now for anything. I can't imagine being more satisfied or happy in a job than being a Mom to these two squirts. That's pretty much the most perfect job (privilege) I could ever have. Seriously. This dream job stuff is just for funsies.

I'm interested to know what your ultimate dream job is. Share and I will illustrate you and your dream job and post it. We all know how talented I am at all the drawing (you've seen the stick figures, right?). And if yours seriously is the current job you have right now...teacher, stay at home mom, food critic...then pick another one. And if you seriously don't have a fake dream job then either you're an accountant or you're dead inside. If you would like for me to pick a dream job for you, let me know.

Don't worry, Shane...I've already got yours...shark wrangler. NO...a remora! One of those fishies that hangs out on the backs of sharks.


  1. Ok, I am a thoroughly random reader, but since I just confessed on my blog that I DON'T comment on your blog, but you're the funniest one I read...

    I'd want to be a costume designer/seamstress for a theater.

  2. can your dream job be a combo of a bunch of diff things? or does it really just have to be one "career"?
    i think a combo would make me most happy.
    i think it would be to get to do something different and creative/stylish every, event planner, photography, personal stylist...etc
    i'd also LOVE to know what you think my dream job would be :)

  3. so I pretty much tell people all the time that I couldn't have dreamed up a better job...

    ...but...let's see...

    ...I think I'd enjoy being a sound tech with some awesome christian rock band...

  4. My dream job would be to have an outrageous amount of money so that I didn't have to have a "job" but could travel around the world giving it away and doing cool things with it and telling people about Jesus. And when I traveled around I would make cakes for people for free. And write things for them.

  5. i would make all kinds of awesome pottery:)

  6. I would be a scuba instructor in the caribbean! :)


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