Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Before I tell you about Sterling, I was going to say THANK YOU, JOCELYN! for the bib link! Uh heck yes, that's exactly what I need. I'm ordering about 72 of those. And also, uh, your Etsy shop...hellooooo! ADORABLE. Why have I not seen this shop before now. And also, I love your name.

Speaking of Etsy, Jamee, I need to order some bows from you. The girls are finally getting some hair.

So, Sterling...Sterling is a super adorable 5-year old...the son of Roger and Becca, both of whom I used to work with a few years ago. Both awesome folks. I don't think Roger reads this blog, so I'll tell you the superhero name I gave him. I give everybody a superhero name. (You guys don't tell him...Kinsley, Erin, Tris, Mrs. Micki, Jenny, etc. I'm pointing at you.) Roger has this AMAZING goatee...and RED hair. I'm red. So, he was aptly named Firebeard. You guys should see his beard...nobody, I mean NOBODY, can grow a beard like that. So, Firebeard.

Sterling is the guardian and keeper of three younger red-headed sisters...Landry, Kinsley and Murray. He's such a presh kid. So sweet and such a gentleman. Sterling started having seizures a year or so ago and they took him in for an MRI. Brain tumor. The then 4-year old had brain surgery to remove it. Up and about doing his regular stuff later that week. Whaaat? How many of us could do that? Not soon after, he started having seizures again...another MRI confirmed not all of the tumor had been removed and it was growing. After countless doctor visits, they decided to do surgery again, this time to get everything. That was yesterday. The surgery went very well and the doctor got everything he could see. They're doing another MRI this morning (right now, actually) to confirm it's all gone. Sterling is recovering well.

I dunno...I just wanted to tell y'all about this super cool kid and to ask you to pray for him and his family. I know it's been an up and down year for them. But, it's so insane, Sterling has been a rock, so brave and chill about it all. "Faith like a child" has a whole new meaning. Sterling trusts in His Lord to protect and heal him. God's got a plan and purpose and Sterling is totally fine with that. Roger tweeted yesterday about what a ladies man Sterling has been in the hospital...telling the nurses how pretty they are and letting them know about his three girlfriends he has back home. Almost every picture of Sterling in the hospital–surgical drawings on his noggin, monitors hooked up to his chest and head, a million ID bracelets–in almost all of them, he's giving two thumbs up. It's just humbling how much immovable faith a 5-year old can have and how much I doubt and question stuff all the time. Sterling has taught me a lot.

Praying for you, buddy. Stay updated on Sterling's blog.

Tomorrow, the Billionaire Cake Maker Writer...I mean it this time.


  1. Woah, you don't know how happy you made this lady!! I read your blog every morning (it was such a relief after a couple months of having the girls that you were able to start blogging again) and what do I see but MY NAME and a link to my shop! I am your biggest fan even though I don't know you and I tell everyone about your blog. It is a bit embarrassing how much I like you. If we lived in the same town we would have to be friends. Sorry I can't add to your twitter followers but I really can't bring myself to do one more type of media. Hope you enjoy the bibs. I am glad that Sterling made it through the surgery. I have seen info about him from some former Student Life people on my facebook and have prayed for him. What a strong boy! My friend's 4 year old girl, Katie, passed away a couple weeks ago after a long battle with Neuroblastoma. Katie had such a strong faith as well and such a peace about going to see the Lord. We can learn so much from these little ones.

  2. Firebeard! Love it. Okay, to buy my silence will involve some twinsley time. I can't lift more than 15 pounds yet but I could get in the floor with them.

    Great words about Sterling. He is amazing and is teaching us all so much. Joining you in praying for this family.

    Can't wait for the next installment - is this one for Jenny? I may be too excited to sleep.

  3. I wanted to cry over Sterling. It really is so convicting to watch children who have so little fear and so much more confidence in God's plan than we do. Wow!!! Will be praying for him.

  4. So ... what was MY superhero name? :)

    On my knees for Sterling right now.

  5. Was this a way to call me out on my empty etsy shop?! I for reals need to get them posted again. I have about 50 bows just chillin collecting dust, but I can't get my toosh in gear!

    And what bibs are you talking about?! I want to see? Do I need them? I looked on that etsy site (which was super cute!) but I don't see bibs!

  6. Jamee,
    Look at her post from the day before called Wacom. I commented and had a link to baby bjorn bibs. And yes, you need one. :)


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