Monday, August 9, 2010

South Caroliney

Thank you to you guys who emailed and commented on the dream job post. I am working on your award-winning illustrations and will post them soon. And Katy, you made my day. And Leah, thank you so much for your sweet words the other week. Aw, shucks, you guys. About 99.9% of you are quiet readers...well, I guess reading implies quiet, but you know what I mean. I know how many folks stop by every day and it means the world. GROUP HUG!

Friday night, my Uncle Greg, Aunt Becky and cousin Drew drove up to stay with the girls so David and I could head to South Carolina for David's cousin's (Will) wedding. Make sense?

Drew is the cousin that got held up by security at the airport a few weeks ago when coming home from Costa Rica because they thought he was a terrorist. He was wearing flip flops that had a special compartment inside the flop part that could hold a note pad and pen. He "had no idea" those compartments were there when he bought the shoes. So, of course the pen registered on the metal detector and it was like WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?!?! Which, actually, is great because it lets you know they take airport security seriously. It's just funny, because Drew is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. And it's weird, because he doesn't look like someone who would be a terrorist at all. (Love you, Droops.)

So, off we went. About 5 minutes on the road and we started missing the twins like crazy. This was the first time David and I had been away from them together overnight. I know, I know...really we only were away from them for one day (two nights) but it was TOUGH. We talked about them the entire time. I have videos and pictures on my phone and we just watched those over and over. Like Uncle Greg said, it's funny how you get excited to have a short weekend away from the kids just for a break, but you spend the entire time missing them and talking about them. So true.

We drove a little over halfway there and spent the night...right next to an outlet mall. Whoop whoop! David's idea...not mine. So, Saturday morning, we got up and went SHOPPIN'! That was a lot of fun. There were some tool and cookware stores for David. And some clothing, shoe, and jewelry stores for me. We hung out there for a little while and hit on the road again, Jack. Wait...what?

I don't absolutely love car trips. I start getting antsy. We take videos and lots of music with us. Usually we just play Friends episodes. We've seen them all so many times that even the person driving knows what's going on just by listening. But still...sitting in a car for hours is lame.

The world's most ginormous bottle of water.

It was a beautiful ceremony. Sara's dress was GAW-GEOUS.

And the reception was super fun!


Ohhhh, I almost (conveniently) forgot. I had just bought these SUPER HIGH pumps...I'm talking, quite possibly, a 5" heel. Maybe 4.5"...either way, about 4" too high for Ruth. And I want to be one of those people that wears those kinds of shoes. Well, not really, but I want to wear them sometime for funsies. So, I thought I'd give them a shot. And yeah, despite looking super tall and sassy in them, I couldn't walk in them. (I'd rather be barefoot or in tennis shoes.) So, after the ceremony, they excused each row individually and we are THE FIRST ROW to be let out. I'm the last person in the row. Of course, I trip all over myself in front of everybody as I enter the aisle. Why wouldn't I? I mean, that's what I do. Ruth trips. Ha ha. It was all very funny. So, I took the stupid shoes off and slip on some silver sandals I had with me for just in cases.

Will had his band play at the reception and he joined in on the drums.

David's 86 year old grandma took Richard for a spin on the dance floor.

We had such a good time visiting with David's family! David and I got to meet Susan, David's other cousin's fiancé. And she is one of my new favoritest people. I'm so glad you're joining the family, Susan. We need another sane person during game nights. (Have you seen all of them play games? You need a helmet. Grandmama is the worst.)

Have fun in St. Lucia, Will and Sara! Watch out for iguanas!

We drove home Sunday morning (after sleeping in for a tiny little bit) and we couldn't get home fast enough. The girls were asleep, but as soon as they woke up, I snatched them up and snuggled them so tight. Golly, I missed them. It's going to be hard to be gone for a week in October. I mean, don't worry, I'll survive...but I will miss them.

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  1. I gave the twins some of that Costa Rican crack...they liked it.


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