Tuesday, August 31, 2010

...Up To

The ellipses in the title stands for "What We've Been Up To". It just seemed weird to put that in the title...seems weirder to be talking about it now. Anyways.

It's been a super busy past few days. Mom drove me and the girls back home and then had to leave on Saturday. Boo. I had a great time with the 'rents, but I'm very glad to be home. I missed Hugsy so much. The girls took only about a day to get back into their normal routine again, which has been fabulous. Perfect little angels.

On Saturday, we had a swim party with some friends. Shane "took a picture" of us.
We got to hang out with some folks we hadn't seen in too long, so that was a lot of fun! Audry, Wes and Megan came, too. And sweet, 3-year old Megan brought me my Quote of the Day for today (more like Quote of the Month/Year/Eon the way I've been keeping up with it). Megan's pretty sassy. I wonder if she gets that from her Mom...hmmmmmm...I dunno.

Ruth, holding Megan in the pool, whispering in her ear: Why don't you go tell your Mommy you want a baby brother or sister?

Megan, whispering back: What?

Ruth, still whispering: Go tell your Mommy that you want a baby brother or sister.

Megan, out loud: Oh...no. She's not really my Mommy, you know.

So, now we're all wondering who Megan's real Mommy is. She looks very much like her Dad, so we've always questioned it anyway. And now, the innocent words of a child. We don't know who Audry gave birth to that day, but I don't think it was Megan. Megan also proceeded to jump into the pool while we were taking a picture of her with the twins, scaring us half to death. Wes appeared out of nowhere and helped me lift her back out of the pool...one hand holding Harper, the other holding Megan's arm. She later told Audry she did it because "she wanted to swim like Nemo." I've told Audry she needed to create a Book of Quotes for Megan because she would be a billionaire selling those things. It would be filled with little treasures like, Megan refuses to eat BBQ because "it hurts her eyes."

The rest of the weekend...
Harper started her training for the Baby Olympics 2012.

I put stuff on their heads.

They watched their baby videos.

We tried to use the flash on the phone and instead, we traveled back to 1982 and took a picture.

Piper good-gamed Harper.

I tortured them until they told me everything...EVERYTHING!!!

While at my parents' house, we came up with this brilliant idea to contain Harper inside the inflatable duckie bath. Just fill it with her toys and VOILA!...instant play pen. Nope. Harper cannot be contained. And Piper Lee is a crazy person.

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  1. watch out for nosebleeds flashing back to '82 like that....


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